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[Environmentally friendly material] OG CLEAR COTTON SOUNDS TEE Organic cotton gas fired jersey Just loose type Charity [145-175cm]

[Environmentally friendly material] OG CLEAR COTTON SOUNDS TEE Organic cotton gas fired jersey Just loose type Charity [145-175cm]


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[Size range: XS-XL(85-145cm), 1-3(145-175cm)]


We will donate 1% of our sales to More Trees, which conducts forest conservation activities in collaboration with various regions in Japan and overseas.


■Details Long-sleeved TEE with just a loose fit. We use octopus binder (*) to ensure that you can use it for a long time. Although it is simple, the key point is that the milling width of the collar and the stitching width of the cuffs and hem are thicker. The armholes are also slightly larger so as not to hinder movement. The piss name on the left hem is also effective. Considering the environmental impact, I have doubts about purchasing long-sleeved clothes in ``spring colors'' and ``autumn colors'' because you are concerned about other people's perspective. Available in colors that are easy to wear all year round so you can wear them for as long as you want.

[Print] The popular "SOUNDS" print with its plump font has been released for the first time in a while. The design was inspired by a record shop's original T. The number 33 on the top right is the rotation speed of the record. I'm really curious about the kids' favorite music right now.

* Octopus binder termination: This refers to the termination of the binder from the tip of the shoulder through the back neck to the tip of the opposite shoulder. This specification reduces unevenness in the seam allowance and increases the strength around the shoulders and neck.

■Size selection The shoulder width, body width, and armholes are made to be a little wide, making the silhouette look a little loose even if you choose the size according to your height.The fabric has a shape that is neither too thin nor too thick. The thickness makes it easy to wear, so even if you wear it one size up, it won't look sloppy.

■Styling The fabric has a slight sheen and is not too casual, making it easy to match with any style.

■Material ``CLEAR COTTON'' is ARCH&LINE's standard and popular material. ≪This season it will be 50% OCS certified organic cotton≫ This jersey is gas-fired to remove fluff and has a clear surface feel.It is smooth to the touch. , it is soft and gentle to wear, while also having just the right amount of flesh. By removing the fuzz, temperature and humidity can be released easily. When you touch this fabric, most people will say, ``It's a waste for children! We believe that by wearing real materials from an early age, we can feel at ease and develop a sense of respect for people and things.


100% cotton (50%ORGANIC COTTON)

【Country of origin】


[Size specs]

size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
1 44.0 46.0 60.0 51.0
2 48.0 50.0 66.0 52.0
3 54.0 56.0 73.0 57.0
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