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[Eco-friendly material] OG COTTON WF CARDIGAN Organic cotton For both on and off [145-175cm]

[Eco-friendly material] OG COTTON WF CARDIGAN Organic cotton For both on and off [145-175cm]


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[Size range: S-XL (100-145cm), 1-3 (145-175cm)] / The cotton double jacquard knit cardigan, which has many fans from children to adults, has been renewed! /

■Details/Materials ARCH&LINE's popular cotton knit cardigan is now made from organic cotton. With the theme of being able to be worn all year round, we made the knitting lighter, the neckline narrower, and eliminated the pockets. It maintains the touch and plumpness that are the benefits of a double face. It is also very convenient for regulating body temperature, and having one is sure to come in handy. Available in 3 colors that are easy to match with anything. You can wash it at home (hand washing recommended. If using a washing machine, put it in a laundry net for a shorter wash time/gentle spin/dry flat).

■Size selection It will be slightly loose-fitting. Please choose according to the occasion you want to wear it, such as school, recitals, weddings, etc.

■Styling It has a just-loose silhouette that is not too formal, so it can be worn for a wide range of purposes, from layering it with a shirt or blouse to accompany you at a ceremony, to wearing it with a T-shirt for school occasions. The adult size is an item that many people wear as work clothes.


100% cotton (ORGANIC COTTON) GOTS certified

【Country of origin】


[Size specs]

size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
1 44.0 48.0 60.0 52.0
2 48.0 52.0 66.0 52.0
3 52.0 56.0 72.0 57.0
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