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[Environmentally friendly material] LINEN/RAYON EASY PANTS Cool touch feeling On/off use Setup compatible [115-145cm]

[Environmentally friendly material] LINEN/RAYON EASY PANTS Cool touch feeling On/off use Setup compatible [115-145cm]


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[Size range: M-XL(115-145cm), 1-3(145-175cm)]

■Details Easy pants made of linen/rayon blend material. It has a semi-wide design pattern and has an elegant atmosphere as well as a casual element, making it suitable for any occasion. It also has a cooling effect to the touch, making it comfortable even in the middle of summer, and it dries quickly and is convenient. The staff planned the set up based on the theme of ``setup that you would want to wear for occasions such as your child's entrance ceremony or recital.'' Although it is casual, it has the characteristic drape of rayon and the unique thread edges of linen, giving it a mature impression. We also recommend pairing it with a jacket made of the same material.

  • With side pockets and back pocket
  • unlined
  • There is an elastic opening on the left side of sizes M to 1, so you can adjust the elastic according to your preference and growth. The size 2 and 3 waists are removable with a zip and button, and there is a waist string that can be adjusted to suit your preference.

■Size selection Due to the spacious design pattern, we recommend choosing the right size.

■Styling Dresses and suits for entrance ceremonies and graduation ceremonies are wonderful, but there is an increasing demand for people to wear what they like on a daily basis. These pants are both classy and casual, making them perfect for any occasion.

■Material Made of thick linen/rayon material. Although it is casual, the drape that is characteristic of rayon and the thread binding characteristic of linen bring out your individuality and create a mature impression. Linen is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly material as it uses less pesticides and water.

  • Thin to medium thickness
  • Slightly transparent
  • Cool touch sensation
  • Can be washed at home


55% linen, 45% rayon

【Country of origin】


[Size specs]

size waist hip Rise inseam Hem width
M 49.0 84.0 26.0 46.3 15.5
L 52.0 90.0 27.0 52.3 16.0
XL 55.0 96.0 28.0 58.4 16.5

*Waist measurements are when the elastic is compressed.

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