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[Environmentally friendly material] OG UNDYED H/S TEE Organic cotton, undyed, thin [100-145cm]

[Environmentally friendly material] OG UNDYED H/S TEE Organic cotton, undyed, thin [100-145cm]


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[Size range: S-XL (100-145cm), 1-3 (145-175cm)]

■Details/Materials A very soft T-shirt made of thin organic cotton jersey with a brushed finish. Recommended for those with sensitive skin. UNDYED was born from the desire to "feel the original colors of nature and the softness of undyed products." By not dyeing, the water and energy used during the dyeing process can be reduced.

I deeply sympathized with the concept and decided to collaborate with them this time. ARCH&LINE chose three colors: off-white, brown, and green. All are undyed and have the same color as cotton. Since there is no bleaching process, the fabric contains bits of cotton leaves, giving the impression that the T-shirts are made with the help of nature.

The person who made organic farming and brown cotton production a reality was Dr. Sally Fox, a biologist and entomologist. UNDYED's efforts are filled with the desire to preserve not only people but also nature for the next generation. In addition, he continues to pursue a lifestyle that takes advantage of natural cycles, not only growing cotton, but also raising sheep and cultivating crops on his farm in California. This is a T-shirt that will brighten your heart as you feel the thoughts of the makers who are far away (those who work in the cotton fields, spinners and knitters).

c/#13 CREAM: A commonly seen white cotton color. Because it is not bleached using chemicals, you can clearly see that it contains dead cotton leaves. Please enjoy the flavor of this product.

c/#43 CAMEL: Same color as brown cotton. Adorable colors that resemble a toy poodle.

c/#57 OLIVE: A very rare green cotton that is a variant of brown cotton. It's packed with the charm of no-dyeing.

■Size selection We used ARCH&LINE's most popular just loose pattern. It's so soft that it can even be worn as an inner layer, so we recommend getting it just the right size.


100% cotton (organic cotton used)

【Country of origin】


[Size specs]

size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
S 32.0 36.0 44.0 14.0
M 35.0 39.0 48.0 15.5
L 38.0 42.0 52.0 17.0
XL 41.0 45.0 56.0 18.5
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