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[Eco-friendly material] OG COTTON WAVE TEE Organic cotton wide embroidery [95-145cm]

[Eco-friendly material] OG COTTON WAVE TEE Organic cotton wide embroidery [95-145cm]


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[Size range: XS-XL(95-145cm), 1-2(145-165cm)]

■Details Popular wide half sleeve type. The overall wide setting provides stress-free comfort. Popular with everyone from kids to adults. Although it is wide, the use of material with just the right amount of flesh creates a beautiful shape and does not make it look sloppy. In addition, the sleeve width makes it easy to layer with long sleeves underneath, so it's great all year round. The sleeves are half sleeves, and if it's hot or long, you can fold them two or three times and still look stylish. The best part about the half sleeves and wide silhouette is that you can wear it for a long time! The color scheme of the collar gives it a very refreshing impression. "WAVE" is embroidered on the front. Two colors of embroidery thread were used to express shadows. The bottom part of the embroidery is left like a fringe to create waves. Many things happen in life. You want to be flexible so you can discern the waves of life that are necessary for you.

■Size Selection The body width is slightly wide, and the sleeves are made with half-length sleeves, so it will have a slightly loose silhouette depending on your height (the length is the standard setting). The fabric is thick enough to show off your shape, so even if you wear it one size up, it won't look sloppy.

■Styling Complete your styling just by matching it with a simple bottom. If you go up one or two sizes, you can also wear it with tight pants for a tunic look.

■Material Half sleeve T-shirt made of organic cotton jersey. An original fabric that is both sharp and soft. The main point of this T-shirt is that it looks beautiful while maintaining the thickness of the fabric. The fabric is double-threaded, making it stable and less likely to fall apart. We aimed for an unusual thickness that is neither too thick nor too thin. In addition, we use a fixing agent (solvent to fix the color) that can reduce the amount of water used during dyeing by about half. *The amount of reduction varies depending on the color. It also saves dye and reduces the load on wastewater.

◆ARCH&LINE's organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. ◆ =GOTS is certified by the national standard-setting organization that is the leading international standard for organic textiles, from the harvesting of raw materials to environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing, to the labeling that provides consumers with a reliable guarantee. It was developed to set global rules to ensure that textile products are "legally organic".

100% cotton (organic cotton)

95% cotton
5% polyurethane

【country of origin】
[Size specs]
size Shoulder width (cm) Width (cm) Length (cm) Sleeve length (cm)
XS 33.0 37.0 39.0 13.5
S 36.0 40.0 44.0 15.0
M 39.0 43.0 48.0 16.5
L 42.0 46.0 52.0 18.0
XL 45.0 49.0 56.0 19.5
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