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OUTLET [Eco-friendly material] OG G/D DENIM SHORTS Organic cotton Product dyed [100-145cm]

OUTLET [Eco-friendly material] OG G/D DENIM SHORTS Organic cotton Product dyed [100-145cm]


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[Size range: S-XL(100-145cm), 1(145-155cm)]

■Details New type of shorts made from a new material, organic cotton denim. The nuanced colors of product dyeing (*other than white) look great in summer. The hem is left uncut (bleed) for a light look. It's refreshing to keep it cut out with ARCH&LINE, but right now I feel like I want to add more fun to it! The white painted rivets are also a highlight. Since the sewing thread uses cotton thread, it can be returned to the earth by removing the attachment. There is an elastic opening on the left side of sizes S to 1, so you can adjust it by replacing the elastic according to your preference and growth.

■Size selection We recommend getting just the right size or one size larger.

■Styling White and Sumikuro go well with anything, and it's sure to come in handy if you have one. Pink and mint are also pale colors, so they can be matched with white as well.

■Material Medium-thick organic cotton denim with a twill pattern. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes, and you can enjoy the changes over time due to product dyeing.

[Material] 100% cotton (organic cotton)

[Country of origin] China

[Size specs]

size waist hip Rise inseam Hem width
S 46.0 81.0 25.0 10.6 20.2
M 49.0 86.0 27.0 13.5 21.5
L 52.0 91.0 28.0 15.5 22.8
XL 55.0 96.0 29.0 16.5 24.1

*Waist measurements are when the elastic is compressed.

≪Delivered in a cotton mesh bag≫

ARCH&LINE's plastic free challenge!

For the past year, I have been searching for ways to replace the plastic bags that products are placed in during delivery with environmentally friendly materials.

And then I arrived at this mesh bag. I decided to adopt it on a test basis because I thought that this organization could have various secondary usage methods and avoid single use.

*Only this organic cotton denim series can be delivered in this drawstring bag.

We would like to hear your opinions and find something even better.

* ◆Recommended secondary uses◆ ・As a changing bag ・Instead of a laundry net ・For storing off-season clothing ・As a produce bag for storing vegetables etc. If you have any other recommended uses, please share them. Please♪

[About outlet products]

●For outlet products, even if the packaging or package is damaged or dirty, if there is no defect in the product, we will send it as-is. ●Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or returns after the product has been shipped. ●Prices of sale items may change without notice, but we cannot accept price changes for items after purchase. ●If you receive a "defective product" or "product different from what you ordered," please contact us by email or phone within 7 days of arrival. We will exchange the product only if we have it in stock at the time we receive your contact. If the item is out of stock, we will issue a refund.

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