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[Environmentally friendly material] Ly/Co COLOR SHIRT On/off shirt [100-145cm]

[Environmentally friendly material] Ly/Co COLOR SHIRT On/off shirt [100-145cm]


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[Size range: S-XL (100-145cm), 1-3 (145-175cm)]

2022 Fall/Winter new colors now available! “c/#31 PINK”

■Details We paid special attention to the slightly large collar, cuffs, and curved lines on the side of the hem. It has just the right amount of tension and is useful as a layer to help regulate body temperature.

■Size selection The length and sleeve length are slightly large, but the neck area is made to fit just right so that it doesn't look sloppy. For formal wear, choose just the right size. The material is soft, so if you mainly wear it on a daily basis, you can easily go up one size and roll up your sleeves. The size makes it easy to use as a cover-up or as a shoulder bag. For older children, we recommend sharing with mom and dad.

■Styling Charcoal⇒A versatile color that is easy to use whether the front is open or closed. Yellow: A spring-like color that shows off your face and is perfect for denim or white pants. Also suitable as formal inner wear. Green ⇒ One of the main characters. Convenient to carry on your shoulder. Green is surprisingly easy to match and can be used even in winter, so it is recommended.

■Material Colored shirt made of lyocell/cotton material. The basic plain weave is soft and has just the right amount of firmness, so it can be worn regardless of the season. Lyocell, a recycled fiber, is a popular material that has a low environmental impact during the manufacturing process. Slightly thin/yellow is slightly transparent.


Regenerated fiber (Lyocell) 65% Cotton 35%

【Country of origin】


[Size specs]

size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
S 30.5 40.0 56.0 38.75
M 33.0 43.0 59.0 41.5
L 35.5 46.0 63.0 45.25
XL 38.0 49.0 67.0 49.0

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