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[Environmentally friendly material] CREASE EASY TROUSERS 2WAY stretch/formal compatible [145-175cm]

[Environmentally friendly material] CREASE EASY TROUSERS 2WAY stretch/formal compatible [145-175cm]


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[Size range: XXS-XS(80-95cm), S-XL(100-145cm), 1-3(145-175cm)]

■Details Beautiful easy pants with a center crease that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from ceremonies to everyday life. The tapered shape is an arrangement of the pattern used as a suit bottom, so it has very clean lines and is easy to balance. There is an elastic opening on the left side, so you can adjust it by replacing the elastic according to your preference and growth (1 size). Sizes 2 and 3 have a spindle through the waist for adjustment. >The waist is ribbed, making it easy for small children to put on and take off.

■Styling This item is popular for wearing with a shirt or vest for occasions such as recitals and weddings, but it also looks cute when paired casually with a hoodie or long-sleeved tee. It has a clean silhouette, so it can be used as a casual item. It can be used as a bottom under long items such as dresses.

■Material It features a beautiful combed wool-like texture that makes it easy to wear even in the late summer heat. 2-way stretch provides a comfortable fit.


Body: 62% polyester

Rayon 33%

5% polyurethane

Rib: 100% polyester

【Country of origin】


[Size specs]

size waist hip Rise inseam Hem width
1 56.0 95.0 26.0 65.0 14.5
2 68.0 100.0 27.0 69.5 16.5
3 76.0 106.0 27.5 72.0 17.0

*Waist measurements are when the elastic is compressed.

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