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LINEN LIKE TIE Formal Shichi-Go-San Entrance Ceremony

LINEN LIKE TIE Formal Shichi-Go-San Entrance Ceremony


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A kids tie made of a special polyester material that doesn't wrinkle easily and has a linen-like feel. The material is not too stiff like men's ties, giving it a mature look. A playful design with a stiletto color scheme. The length of the elastic neck strap is adjustable, so you don't have to worry about the size.

c/#31 PINK
It is a popular color with a bright color that looks great in photos. We recommend pairing it with a blue or navy setup style. It also matches the color of cherry blossoms in spring!

c/#55 GREEN
This color goes well with navy and gray setups, and is recommended for those who don't like pink. Recommended for those looking for a color that won't overlap with other children's colors.

c/#69 NAVY
Royal navy! It can be matched with any color setup. We recommend pairing it with a checkered setup for a tighter look! Also suitable for a mature and chic set-up style.

100% polyester%

【Country of origin】

[Size specs]
F: Width 3.9/Length 37.3

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