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INDIGO BASIC JACKET Thin denim set-up compatible [145-165cm]

INDIGO BASIC JACKET Thin denim set-up compatible [145-165cm]


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[Size expansion]

  • S-XL(100-145cm)
  • 1-2(145-165cm)

“#19 BLACK” is a new color for spring/summer 2022.

■Material This jacket is made of broad indigo material with a beautiful understated luster. Although it has authentic materials and tailoring that are also used in men's suits, it has a casual feel and can be worn as everyday wear. Made of 100% cotton material, it has a gentle texture and can be worn without worrying. This material is also popular with children.


  • The rounded corners of the pocket create a gentle impression.
  • The hallmark of ARCH&LINE suits is that one of the buttons on the front is a silver button.
  • The cuffs are open and can be unbuttoned for casual occasions.
  • The ceremony is a very important day for your child. We paid close attention to every detail, including the color scheme of the piping, to enhance your mood when you put it on and take it off.


  • Vests and pants made of the same material are also available, and a three-piece set-up is the traditional style.
  • It also looks stylish when combined with a skirt or dress, giving it a more structured look.
  • It goes great with ARCH&LINE's classic blouses and cotton pearl necklaces.
  • Due to the characteristics of indigo dyeing, it is easy to match with any bottom, making it an item that can be used all year round.
  • In rare cases, threads may be present, but this is due to the characteristics of denim fabric and is not a defective product. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Because it is an indigo material, there will be individual differences in color and thickness depending on the lot of fabric. Pants and vests made of the same material are also available, but if there are individual differences, please contact us before purchasing.

[Material] 100% cotton

[Country of origin] Either Vietnam or China

[Size specs]

size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
1 36.0 44.0 59.0 55.0
2 40.0 49.5 62.8 55.0

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