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HIGH GAUGE JERSEY BASIC JACKET No.1 popular jacket Setup available [145-165cm]

HIGH GAUGE JERSEY BASIC JACKET No.1 popular jacket Setup available [145-165cm]


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[Size expansion]

  • XXS-XS(80-95cm)
  • S-XL(100-145cm)
  • 1-2(145-165cm)

■Material This high gauge jersey jacket is made of fabric woven from T400 fiber, which has moderate stretch. This fabric has the tailoring of a full-fledged suit comparable to a men's suit, but it also stretches and contracts just the right amount to match your body movements, providing a comfortable fit. Even small children who are not used to wearing suits will feel comfortable.


  • The rounded corners of the pocket give it a gentle impression.
  • The chest pocket has a polka dot pattern chief, giving it a casual and stylish look.
  • One of the buttons on the front is a silver button, which is a characteristic of ARCH&LINE suits.
  • The cuffs are open, and can be unbuttoned for casual occasions.
  • The details are suitable for important occasions such as ceremonies.


  • We also have a vest and pants made of the same material, so a three-piece set is a classic style.
  • By adding a jacket to a skirt or dress, you can instantly create a stylish look.
  • It can create a solid impression.

[Material] Main body: 51% polyester / 49% cotton *It varies slightly depending on the lot. Please contact us. Separate fabric 100% polyester

[Country of origin] Vietnam or China

[Size specs]

size shoulder width Width Length Sleeve Length
1 36.0 44.0 59.0 55.0
2 40.0 49.5 62.8 55.0
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