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DENIM 5PK BANANA PANTS Stretch denim pants [145-175cm]

DENIM 5PK BANANA PANTS Stretch denim pants [145-175cm]


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[Size expansion]

  • XS(85-95cm)
  • S-XL(100-145cm)
  • 1-3(145-175cm)

≪Best seller! The item that everyone from kids to adults buys from time to time and has the highest repeat purchase rate≫

■Details BANANA PANTS was named because the pattern is curved like a banana. We created these pants with the aim of making them like climbing pants with good foot movement. Available in 4 colors with full-scale processing that rivals adults.

  • c/#61 Light color bleaching
  • c/#63 Light color bleach processing + perforation processing (there is a patch cloth on the back side)
  • c/#65 Medium dark bleach
  • c/#67 One wash processing

In addition to the processing, this is a piece that incorporates ingenuity into the details, such as painting the front tuck button and one of the rivets white. The designer's attention to detail is that the zip tape on the coin pocket is khaki.

Sizes 1 to 3 can be adjusted slightly using the drawstring cord that runs through the waist. (XS to XL sizes are all rubber)

■Size selection Please choose according to your favorite silhouette. The pattern is designed to be slightly loose at the hips and stay close to the feet, so you can wear it for a long time until you reach a skinny/cropped length by changing the elastic. Even if you go up one size and wear it like wide pants, it will create a very cute silhouette.

■Styling A versatile player who can match any item. The pattern design creates a tapered silhouette when worn, so it leaves a casual yet beautiful look typical of ARCH&LINE. Therefore, if you choose the right size, you can wear it for simple occasions by matching it with a shirt or jacket.

■Material 98% cotton / 2% polyurethane Selected denim fabric with very stretchy properties. They are medium thick and fit well to your body, making them so comfortable that you will almost forget you are wearing them. You can wear it all season.

We have received many very happy comments such as ``My child who hates denim will wear these'' and ``This is my child's first pair of denim!''

■■■staff wearing comment■■■ staff height 159cm (Women) Other company wearing size: M

[Size] Size 1 is tight and ankle length. Size 2 has a just loose silhouette. Size 3 will be wide. It's also long, so you'll need to roll it up or fix it. There is a drawstring cord running through the waist of sizes 2 and 3, so you can choose the one that matches the silhouette you want to wear and adjust the waist with the cord.

[Material Texture] Although it has a firm thickness, it has a lot of stretch and is extremely comfortable to wear. This is one with a high staff ownership rate.

■■■staff wearing comment■■■ staff height 168cm (Men) Other company wearing size: S

[Size] The size feels like there is a little room for wearing size 3. There is plenty of room at the hem, so the atmosphere will change depending on whether you comb it as is or fold it over. If you want to wear it neatly like skinny jeans, we recommend going down one size. The waist can be adjusted with a drawstring cord for peace of mind.

The gentle curved silhouette is extremely comfortable to wear! The stretch is also very effective, making these pants perfect not only for children who exercise a lot, but also for parents who often squat and stand with their children.

[Country of origin] Vietnam

[Size specs]

size inseam waist
1 66 58
2 68 63.5
3 73 70
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