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KNIT TIE SHIRT Tie-style shirt/dot button for easy on and off [145-175cm]

KNIT TIE SHIRT Tie-style shirt/dot button for easy on and off [145-175cm]


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[Size range: XXS-XS(80-95cm), S-XL(100-145cm), 1-3(145-175cm)]

If you are unsure, this is it! This is the most popular shirt for any occasion.

■Details The placket part is made of knit-like material, making this shirt look like it's wearing a knit tie just by wearing it alone. There is a dot button below the second button, making it easy for children to put on and take off. (The first button and cuff buttons are four-hole buttons that can be fastened to the buttonholes.) The collar is compact, making it easy to use on a daily basis. The bottom of the sleeves and sides are folded down, making it beautiful when viewed from the back. The design reflects the desire for kids to experience the quality of shirts. Recommended for children who don't like ties, for formal occasions that are not too formal, and for any formal style.

■Materials Main body: 100% cotton Parts used: 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane *Products with the same product number may be delivered with some different materials. The difference is due to the timing of production and is not a defect.

[Country of origin] China

[Size specs]

size Back length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
1 59.0 47.1 37.0 54.5
2 63.0 51.7 40.0 56.0
3 73.5 56.7 45.0 61.5
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