Organic cotton and recycled materials
We actively incorporate environmentally friendly materials.
By using materials with low environmental impact
We want to leave a better planet for our children.
In addition, plastic bags used for product packaging are
In order to eliminate single use, from the 2021 spring/summer season
I started using REUSABLE BAG.
ARCH&LINE will continue to work on various aspects in the future.
We will update to a method that has less environmental impact.


Organic cotton that has been originally developed and ordered from the brand's establishment.
Organic cotton is cotton grown in fields that have not used pesticides or chemical fertilizers for two to three years. Compared to non-organic cotton, it is said to be less stressful on the people involved in cultivation and on the soil, and uses nearly 90% less water. Additionally, CO2 emitted during production can be reduced by approximately half.

ARCH&LINE's organic cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is a global organic standard for processing textiles (textile products), and applies to a wide range of textile products such as yarn, fabric, and clothing. Not only are the raw fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk organic, but environmentally and socially considerate methods are used throughout the entire process of fiber harvesting, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. This is a sign that the property is being managed to prevent pollution.
At least 70% of raw materials are organic fibers, processing is done using organic methods, no genetically modified technology is used, environmental targets are set for water and energy use, and there are no toxic substances. Requirements such as not using certain chemicals, having a hygienic and safe working environment, meeting working conditions free from exploitation and discrimination, and ensuring traceability (ability to trace production history), etc. There are certain matters that require inspection and certification by a third party.


Now that the problem of marine plastic waste is becoming more serious, it is of great significance to us as manufacturers to reuse discarded plastic as a resource and reduce CO2 emitted during incineration. Aiming for a recycling-oriented society, ARCH&LINE actively incorporates recycled materials.
The "B GREEN" we are using this season is made from 100% polyester yarn recycled from plastic bottles.
The texture and functionality are the same as materials made from virgin raw materials, making it a material that is both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

During the logistics process from the factory to the store, each piece of clothing is often transported in a plastic bag. By the time the products reach the stores, the plastic bags have served their purpose and are thrown away.

ARCH&LINE has started using REUSABLE BAG from the 2021 spring/summer season in order to eliminate the single use of plastic bags. We use durable materials (thickness of the material) and a design with a zipper, because we want our products to be used for secondary purposes even after they are in the hands of our customers.